Saturday, July 30, 2016

Finishing the Pad Sites

Our land has really been transformed over the last few weeks. Mario put in a ton of work moving existing dirt around and processing the incoming dirt for under our slabs.
Looking at the house foundation area
The amazing thing is that some of these areas have been raised over 2' for the finished grade!

Moving around some extra dirt

Another view of the house foundation with West Mountain, Hueco Tanks, in the background
 And here's the finished product! Everything looks great, The only other real earthwork to do is install the septic. We also need to spread screening around to keep our dirt from blowing away. In total, we had to haul in 45 truck loads (instead of 30) and used nine water trucks. A bit more than we expected, but Beth really wanted a nice extension of the level ground for a porch around the house. The side facing North Mountain has about 6' of flat ground before sloping down to existing grade.

One more view of the two slab locations. My car is parked in the garage, the house pad will be on the left. North and West Mountains, Hueco Tanks, in the background.
Next up: Start the foundation prep work for concrete! Need to put in forms, then dig the footings, lay the rebar, and finally pour the concrete. Felipe Torres will be helping with that part.